Monday, January 18, 2010

midnight rambling

it's midnight now yet bukit bintang refuses to sleep. the blasting shock waves just won't end claiming yet another title, 'a garden city of entertainment'. 'the city of lights' is kinda old now, everyone is staying in a different era. new era of alcohol, drugs and so fort, u know the list, it goes on. well again, it shows. clock strikes whatever hours yet the city wont give up its grand superiority.

just finished watching 'old dogs', myself, escaping the boredom and busy city life. maybe it's just me, but nothing interests me with the on going city rush. or maybe im just tired. let's just put this in a different perspective, well yeah, us, giving some space for the moms to fullfill their shopping desires and worrying not of the whereabouts of their sons and daugter.

nothing to worry about since the one and only chance of us getting lost is by stupidly entering the wrong cinema, which my bet goes to a 99.9% possibility that it will not happen today and of course, it didnt happen, but to say it will never ever happen, there are people fated to fill in that 0.01% error slot, so i might be wrong, sometimes. not everything is perfect nor do i.

had a phone call from the jabatan pendidikan keningau asking me to come and pick up the invitation letter for the 'guru sandaran' interview which will be held in tenom the day after i get back from kolompo. when will this sudden rushes stop. give me some break eh. i didnt get the name of that lady on the phone, not even the name of the venue.

so life seems will surely end up as a teacher huh. grooming kids to fly away, very far away.

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