Thursday, January 7, 2010

dung dung dung

ok la i update la this blog lol :P for those who cannot wait for me to get a good writing mood, well here's a messy one aha.

3 more minutes before the clock strikes 3 and a couple of hours before the first sun ray gets to light this dark room, aaaaannnnnnd im still struggling to get a good night sleep duh. can't seems to count the days, like it has been forever since i had a good night sleep. i really2 hate when i get to dream of snakes. i dislike that, the most. oh last night, i dreamt of a friend got eaten by an ugly giant fish or something, i dont know what's that thing, and i can't even remember who was that guy friend. pity though he got eaten alive and i couldn't save him :( i got myself a moody Thursday after that.

i had fun during christmas and new year, even though it wasn't like the year before and yrs before that. uncle got sick and that kinda kill the mood, not entirely, but still, it wasn't the same. but he's getting healthier day by day. that's how i analysed his condition or somehow it shows. still a good news. got thrown in the fish pond during the new year and burning the night sky with firecrackers bombardment. cool sight, that was. got Knock out by the ultimate 'bom atom/ Tapai'. had an unplugged session with the folks with my rusty dusted electric guitar and an acoustic one. we sang a bunch of songs. cool stuff. BBQ all over with friends and relatives. i love my family.

starting the new year with a not so good luck. the car broke down and i got sick. let alone my medical fee, it was already a rm130 worth of drugs to be consume by this small body of mine. my gambling luck was also in a bad shape. i hope when i get to the casino in genting, i'll wipe off all the money they can afford to lose to me ahaha. dream yeah keep on dreaming, one day, yes, one find day.

i drove the days back and fort, from kk to my home town and back again, only to be accompany by this 'tut' radio channel. they were talking about 1malaysia and all. but fuck that, why is it always between the Malay, the Indian and the Chinese are acknowledge in most of the advertisements? where are the bumiputeras and the orang asli? for at least, when they talk about 1Malaysia, though im a sabahan, oiii i am a warganegara malaysia what? so much for a radio rasmi but totally bullshit.

i signed up for a job application online and there was a requirement asking about my religion. i was like 'ohh shit, should i lie or something?' do they really need that sort of requirement in order for me to get a job? do by religion gives them the right and approval whether i will get that specific job or get kicked out from the running list? why do people like to play around of beliefs. i just can't understand. is it me or someone else is running around with a total zero understanding?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i hate when people start to bitching on the radio. do they really need to let the whole country to listen and eventually get a sneak peek of their private lives, and they even proud of it. my gawd. it's not that i want to listen to it but because the car can only get that specific radio channel that i have to get through all of these stupidity, EVERYDAY. even worse than a moody monday. it's a miracle that today i get a new radio channel and ok la. at least it got indian fellow DJs and funny ones some more.

ok la stop with the complain, need my beauty sleep now :P


  1. Hi del. I can't guess which radio channel you're listening to but you got one point right there when you state this.. "why is it always between the Malay, the Indian and the Chinese are acknowledge in most of the advertisements? where are the bumiputeras and the orang asli?.."
    Some even crack jokes on others which I think personally very idiotic,stupid and pretty rude.
    And religion on an application that necessary? Well, you say it all right! keep this blog rolling will ya? *wink*

  2. channel mana tu a.. :)
    welcome to malaysia.

  3. haha it's pretty easy to get the radio channel. just put ur radio on search mode and give each a few minutes of ur ears..sure u can guess which channel im talking about. lol.

    ya welcome to malaysia.