Sunday, January 17, 2010

kl trip part 4

hah the fifth day, it's shopping theme today and im sitting in the food court blogging. not just me but a bunch of us, boys. it's just not in our family trend for guys to go shopping, only for the women side. it's already a cult to sit in the food court and wait. yeah, like i still have the money to shop haha.

though, im not the kind to shop but i still escort the buyers haha. my mom and i went to buy some clothes for kids. she went inside the shop and i waited outside, like always. saw these two elders trying to cross the street and guess what, not to boast about it but whenever i saw elders or kids in the middle of the road trying to cross my way, i stopped, but here, if u cannot run as fast as a cat, you're a dead meat. a very barbaric kinda world. everyone is in their own egoism. that's why i came back to sabah for a living. i never like k.l in the first place.

so many people to see and so many faces to decipher. too many things to handle in one shot. me, myself, is kinda out of place here. i kinda like being this odd. seeing things in a different way, i say. though, it's kinda busy at the moment, but still is a sad place to be.

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