Saturday, January 16, 2010

kl trip part 2

so here i am again, blogging inside the bus, keeps rollin' rollin' rollin' to melaka. broadband comes in handy. i think im going to get one la like this. cool. blogging when others just sit and do nothing. not like i have much to do but at least the brain gets functional, at the best as it could get, momentarily.

started the morning trip to melaka with an indian guy as our 'bus' pilot and a 'rasa sayang eh rasa sayang sayang eh' by my 3 yrs old lil cousin singing breaking the code of sound by the engines.

i had fun gambling in Genting, losing rm200 in the wheel of fortune. nasib 200 ja. some of us won and ended membelanja minum beer hahaha. money worth nothing when it comes to gambling, it's true. i saw this one chinese couple gambled losing thousands of ringgit by minutes. sitting next to them, my gawd, it's nerve wrecking.

we had beers and stouts there worth rm14 and rm15 each can, paying almost 500 each session. gila haha macam kaya ja but we won back the money in the casino. thanks for the spinning head, the wheel of fortune got bad luck hehe but still, im in the losing side. i've tried my best, ok! hehe

living life in the bus is tiring. if only malaysia is australia. it would be so much fun ehehe. sitting in the park watching people pass by while eating ice cream and flowers everywhere. fuhh i want that.

ohh speaking of ice cream, we were in the park eating ice cream ramai2 while waiting for my cousins to take their turn, people around were watching and some of em ended up joining hahaha. makan ice cream time sejuk2. best juga. the funny thing was when a malay guy look at us and proposed his girlfriend for an ice cream but got rejected on the spot, we were like ahaha kesian, apa punya girl la nda romantik.

ok the bus is getting bumpy. later.

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