Wednesday, January 13, 2010

kl trip part 1

ok here's a fast n furious updating :P im in LCCT at the moment makan ayam merrybrown. less spicy compares to all the rempah ratus of KFC. i usually enjoyed my meal, i mean whenever i ate KFC but not here. all the flies freely fly in and out the outlet, pakcik sebelah meja sneezing without covering his mouth, all the different2 languages.. pening. that is why i never like kolompo when it comes to staying or working here. yerrrr.. too fuzzy la the surrounding.

i went back to keningau last night to complete my application as a 'guru sandaran'. i never thought that i would go for teaching, NEVAAAA!!!! but thats the turning point, i guess. ya la whatever comes, comes la. malas suda mo fikir2. so i drove back to k.k this morning making another record, only an hour driving from keningau to k.k. it usually took me 1 and a half hours to 2 hours. i had a plane to catch at 12, that's why la.

speaking of keningau, i got brainwashed again last night. was forced to take the 3rd generation's throne. responsibility responsibility responsibility huhuhu. although i want to pass it to my cousin, im the 'oldest male' candidate huhu. menang tanpa bertanding lagi tu aduhh.

ba jap nanti sambung. mo p genting lu kasi bankrub tu kasion si lim ekekeke

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