Saturday, January 16, 2010

kl trip part 3

we didn't go for a Jonker walk yet a sun burn is a sun burn, after all. punya panas. the heat really is an enemy, i had to buy another hat. this time it's a ... i don't know the name but still a cool hat. i bought 2 new hats since thursday. given another week here i might open a new shop back in kk selling new hats aha.

speaking of the heat, my uncle joked about it 'kalau putih terus jadi hitam, kalau hitam terus jadi hangus' ahaha. funny quote. so we went for a cendol, durian flavored cendol. fuhhh manissss. how malacca folks can eat that kind of sugar level, it's a mystery. sooooo overly sweet. i'll pass.

i'm tired of fast food, man. i need nasi and a decent home cook meal. was thinking to tapau some food but every time we stopped, there is no sight of restaurant around. bad bad bad huhuhu. might get lucky in Nilai, i hope. itu pun kalau ada.

everyone is sleeping now. gotta catch my nap too. later.

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