Wednesday, December 2, 2009

walking the water surface

people might say that walking on water surface is impossible. not that im saying it isn't true but childhood memories prove me wrong. i used to watch Chinese movies during my weekends, kungfu here and kungfu there, where monks runs on water surface while carrying huge swords or wands at their back or hands. not forgetting the legendary Japanese ninjas wearing nothing but black cloths with shurikens (ninja stars) and ninjutsu, fighting on the lakes and sort of. it was fun back then, imagining somehow in the future we might walk on the water surface, not drowning and dying and end up famous on the news of being found a couple meters away from the tragic spot. huhu. reality bites hard.

time passed and we grow up maturing and forgetting such cool notion. so what now? we can't really walk on water surface, eh?

i came across a 'total flip' of understanding regarding on it last night. heard a story about monks trying to walk across a river and it really blew me away to total awe. the story begins with an elder monk crossing the river with not much of a problem. he jumps from spot to spot like flying over water; jumps, lands and jumps again, wetting only his shoes. then came the second monk. a short one. he did the same, he too jumps from spot to spot over water but end up wetting his lower robe.

a junior monk was watching over them and said to himself, "i too have been studying under the same guru and teaching, i too might walk over water." he stand at the river bank, work out some confidence, and jump he go. BAMM!!! there he goes into the water, wetting all his robe with a total confusion in his mind. what happened? the two elders was watching him and one of them whisper to the other,

"should we tell him where the stone spots are?"

hah. we can walk over water surface in life. as long as we are willing to learn from the good teachers, or drown into the lake of failure together with the bad ones. it struck me hard, did i ever learnt from a good one? im pretty sure i did but i think i never manage to learn how to spot the stones below the water surface, yet. thinking back a bit, not that he didn't teach, but im more a bad student. huhu.

man, learning is not so easy but not that you have to rush about it. it takes time and courage to learn. not forgetting the correct mind set. when all the terms are synchronized, learning is just a piece of cake, get it and eat it. orang bilang macam makan kacang. i came across with similar situations like this, where circumstances is sooooo darn pushy, for me to learn things in a short period of time, i did, so many times. hah. walking over water surface is not impossible. here's a short trick to it,

'impossible = i'm + possible'

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