Wednesday, December 9, 2009


what would you do if someone ask for your opinion but never respect your words and end up a broken friendship?

a friend of mine, a lady, asked me about some issues regarding on virginity. so i told her a bit of this and that of my opinion, and she was kinda irritated with it. debating is never my interest, i care less about it but when it comes to you NOT respecting and lack of tolerance to others' in my present, you are bound to stay for eternity in my garbage bin.

she was kinda 'ohh yes im super good and all' just because you are a virgin and to others who are not, are the worst. oh please, im kinda allergic to such stupidity and super idiots. even if others aren't virgin, whether you like it or not, they are entitled to their own. it's called pendirian masing-masing. why do you need to bash out someone's way of life? it may look like not a good one, nor have u, a good personality.

don't mind around with others' if you cannot tolerate with anything. it's even hard for a laugh. no doubt, for me, it's the worst kind of people who think they are 'something' but actually rubbish, only talk so loud. everyone has their own way and journey to walk, destined to their own. stop faking a prophet if you only talk bad.

so she asked me again the kind of lady of my preferance, so i told her, someone who can show respect to others. i was just being honest but she felt attacked by my response and that's it, she deleted me from her contact list. i care less with a stupid lady who thinks she's the best but actually an idiot. ohh crap, why did she need to ruin my day? not that i had a good one, she's making it even worse.

now im pissed off. so next time, don't ever ask me for opinion .. oh yeah, she deleted me, my bad.


  1. duii.. pelik juga tu urang tu tot~

  2. hahaha besa la kalau masi fikiran 'kanak2 riang' huhuhu

  3. deiiii...hypocrite person sud not be treat with respect....tewas dia la sebab delet ko dari kehidupan dia...nda rugi pun.bukan dia kasi basar ko.kekeke

  4. pun masih a frog under the KUKUNUTS shell..a person who cant accept others opinion better dont layan la..sebab spesies camni..mesti mau ikut cara dia jak...its ok..ko tidak rugi apa pun...