Wednesday, December 2, 2009

self comforting

so im was out of service for 2 days due to brain malfunction lol. stress has taken its toll, yeah everybody does, sometimes. slowly digging my way back to stay relevant, .. inside the box we're trapped in, still and mostly do. how to feel about it now.. i just don't know. tell me how should we? still singing the same old song, eh? ok.. cool. sigh.

so it's already December ya. year end is at the door step and about to leave with extra heavy baggage of this year's journey yet the burden remains at the shoulder of a new year. sigh. new resolution won't do much. solution, is what must be done but it ain't done, yet. another fail attempts today, another journey to walk through tomorrow. the cycle rolls, and rolling and rolling and just won't stop. trembling and trembling and trembling, ... still. it ain't so good.

whatever happened during the year.. it won't change the fact what we are moving to another new year. another circle of a 365 days. another 365 days of hope. recalling back the days, i've been practicing idiotism almost 1/3 of the year. come the new year's light, more smarter and wiser i should become. im already tired of the same stupidity, weeks by weeks, turns into this year's waste. precious time wasted. i had fun, though. not complaining, just self comforting.

i was writing a draft of a 'book' entitled 'box shape mirror glass' at the start of this year but halted during mid year and i never did continue for a third chapter. it was just something i did during my free time, though, lasted only in the first half of the year. sigh. time goes by so fast. might continue writing it now since im slowing down several habits.

it's funny when people look at me from some pictures posted around the net and they were like 'ohh shit, this person is bad/worse'. i had my laughs. yeah well whatever, man. as long as i know where i stand, it's cool. i don't intend to hide my 'not so good side of nature' to the mass. im just having my fun. criticism is absolute welcomed. i don't mind, at all. people just being hypocrite, im just being tolerate. cool, eh? *sarcasm* haha but yeah, funny pics, indeed haha

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