Monday, December 14, 2009

is there will be an answer..let it be.

the world i see is painted with so much miseries and troubles but somehow it managed to portrait so many magical colours of wonders.

it's a really really a good singing and guitar playing, though, it's somehow sad to watch. i don't know but it's a good kind of sad. words can't describe. sad because we give up to easily and it rings a wake up call? something like that, i guess.

the song... my gawd, the song, a handicap singing Let It Be, it's just somewhat .. indescribable. somehow sentimental, or rather a fool if im not. makes me thankful that im still alive and having a perfect body to be able to do so many things.


  1. gawd take something from sumone as a indirect lesson so that other realised what their have n appreciate when u start complaining or babling sumting that u dont have or envy of what other have,go and do sum reality check! reality bites, u knoe...hehe.

    embrace what u have proudly
    work it to it peak's potential
    zipped it when u knoe u sud not complaining
    and last..
    gawd knoe what best 4 u even u dun have any idea.

  2. cheer to you my gewd fren