Wednesday, May 5, 2010

something something..

...and so i am bored.

i went to a convenient store the other day to get my mom the things she wanted to bring on her vacation, well, not practically me buying the stuff but more like standing here and there, and bodyguard-ing her just like any other shopping days. im not the type who goes around surveying items.. i usually get my self a place to sit and wait, and so i did that, again that day.

i saw two dudes standing and staring at the corner like 15 minutes or so, spacing out like stone statues while i was 'bodyguarding' my mom and it really caught my curiosity. so i went there and joined them. off all things i had in mind, they never came across to the actual answer to what was going on.

they stood there stagnantly while comparing prices of each soap, battling with so many brands and numbers of soaps. i was like .. gila. so i went and got me a bench and continued spying them for afar.

it's kinda bit crazy to do such thing but then when i think about it a little...damn, i can't remember when was the first time i bought a soap off my own hard earning money but things getting pretty much expensive, these days. some are really really, extremely expensive. really a harsh time to be living in, eh.

really an old fashion move. more or less, it's a must.

a lot of things are considered a necessity nowadays and they really drag people to spend more money and some, end up in a so called 'self poverty'. Addiction to daily doses of internet, phone calls, SMSes, MMSes, etc. this, little by little, leaching out so much money from our pockets, unnoticed. while some people gaining a lot of money from their business providing this new-found-joy, most people stare prices to keep surviving.

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