Thursday, April 29, 2010

school bus driver

so i was driving to lintas from luyang and took short cuts along the way. i managed to skip traffic jams and when i was just about to get to the main road from a busy t-junction, there was a school bus, suddenly skip through the heavy line of cars intercepting everyone. mind you, she drove like there were no cars coming from ahead. i was like.... woaaa gila ni driver. laju lagi tu.

yeah, of course, everyone was chasing time but come on la, have a bit concern for the children. gila. devils playing with other people's lives, those kids who knows nothing about road accidents and seat belts, as IF there are seat belts provided in a typical school bus. it makes me a bit angry and ruin a portion of my day, seriously.

it hits the back of my head and shivers a goose bump. down in memory line, there was once a maniac school bus driver in my hometown who drives a kamikaze-like just to catch time. a delinquent amongst school bus drivers, he was. it's fated i guess that one day to fail to hit the brakes on time and banged a couple of school children. sad, how the world turns.

...and i thought i was about to see another sad incident happening in my present. duh.

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