Monday, May 10, 2010

deja-vu dreaming?

if insomnia is a mean of having difficulty to sleep then what would one calls for having dreams that seem as real and having the ability to think in deep sleep? is it still considered as a nightmare or a disease of which i haven't came across with before.. definitely not a new one but the kind of a rare occurrence? it not that 'rare' anymore if kinda experienced this almost every night, no?

it felt almost like a deja-vu dreaming of things which occurred and will occur, from time to time. as if i have experienced some in real life but vastly forgotten, yet the feeling was really there. made me pondering much after waking up in the middle of my sleep, thinking if i am still in any sort of dream or breathing a real life.

the scary thing about this is that i always come across with the people i knew in my present time and some of the past, interacting with them in my dreams as usual. As if i am living in two different worlds with the same people around just sometimes being a little different in their characteristics of which i kinda like more than the real thing. hah!

should they become my reality, they will still be like a dream. though, it strange and bizarre but it's surreal even to ignore.

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