Sunday, May 9, 2010

critical mind

yeah, i know, it's monday. nothing much to do but wasting time surfing the net. am waiting for the current ordered stock to arrive and's gonna be busy, for a while. brain ain't doin' much function, getting dumb by the seconds so i blog to keep it on track, not much but at least am thinking something and hopefully the brain won't get too rusted to think of something to write. here goes.

was invited to join on a trip to Clark, somewhere in the Philippines. it's a boys trip so you know where it might end up. im not interested into the main purpose of the trip but more into the culture, the way people live their lives and all. faces belong in the streets.

was thinking to go but the date was over booked by other BOYS so we are forced to change it to august instead of October. i'm cancelling my seat due to trips clash with my mom's. she's going on a trip to Johor-Singapore with her 'traveling group' consisting of my aunties and co. need to give her the money. i'm a good son :P so sorry guys, just go on without me. not that it matters much but enjoy the trip.. just don't bring back diseases huhu.

that reminds me when i was in Indonesia a few yrs back. so many things happened. people were like ants living in one place with so many people doing whatever they can just to survive, that's harsh life, and the rich just sit around and watch, some were picking up LV begs costing up to millions of millions of Rupies... even billions worth of hand begs in Wisma Jakarta, while others bathing on daily basis at the sewers. if it's not a wake up call then i don't know what's that supposed to mean.

imagine, with the numbers of people we are having here in Sabah and all the jobs many of us are making money at the end of the month? not much eh. where are all the money go? to the neighboring countries? is it not, when most of the working people are those who trespassed the border lines? speaking of trespassers, seeing on how many immigrants staying here currently, legal or not, we can have a lil' Manila or lil' Jakarta here and there, almost in every district.. why need to travel abroad just to experience the joy?

scary, is it not? to know that they are over populating us locals and the most thing we could do is blaming the higher ups for being a complete ass for not taking any action or whatever mean to counter the matter. i recalled back the song Imagine by the great John Lennon, how many of us really could accept the fact that we need to live side by side with other people regardless of their nationalities, religions, believes, races, skin colours and all? *sarcasm*

Questions. what do you see me in your eyes? what do we see others in our eyes?

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