Saturday, May 8, 2010

sunday rambling

before anything, i'd like to wish all the moms, the moms's moms' and the mom's mom's mom's that i've ever encountered before, wishing you all 'happy mother's day'. keep that good work of shaping your daughters to the very best of the best, i'd be happy to marry one, one day. aha!!

blasting off classic Santana, with all the drums, guitars n piano mixed together in one piece.. what a lovely Sunday, it's a seasonal paradise but who'd cares. a paradise is a paradise, though, the warmth is kinda biting hard like a mofo but what else can one expects on a 'Sun-day', eh?

so i went outside the house enjoying the warm windy atmosphere, though, cloudy but the brightness really hurts. i have my fair share of problem with my vision. it's all good but too bad, some people just don't have the similarity of wavelength and thoughts to have it easy on a Sunday, accelerating their vehicles causing sound pollution by that boom boom klang katung ekzos pipe breaking codes of my patience limitation. come on la weh, no more stress on Sunday.

speaking of stress, it kills. really. not showing any symptom at first but in the end causing so many diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, mental disorder, and the list goes on. even without giving away symptoms, it could easily delivers us to the next world with just a snap, mind you. one of the best silent killers, if not the best.

i met a lady last night. she was sitting to someone i knew during the talk, so my guess was that she's the sister of that other lady. my aunt got into a conversation with the her at the end of the talk session and it shocked me to the core when she addressed herself to be the mother of that my customer (the other lady). i hope my eyes didn't deceive me because she really really really do look young maybe in her 30s or 40s at top but since her daughter had been married for years and have been given birth to ... like 4 children or so, my guess she's already hits 60 years old.

i couldn't believe my eyes, seriously. i always heard stories of old people look pretty young at old age but i never saw one before and last night was really an eye opener, to the max. she even look younger that her daughter and not just me, other people were kinda shocked too. she told us that she's a practitioner .. of what kind? i don't know. my guess goes to 'some teaching' of which i don't want to belong to. heh. i rather grow old and aged like everyone else, never indent to defy the curse of aging, not at all.

been switching places to keep up with the warmth and somehow, i ended up in the dining table and it's like heaven here with the cool sensation. it's a new found joy!!! haha.

at around 11, my friend and i hit the streets, again. he wanted to spend some money on a bottle of vodka, sort of. i wasn't into drinking last night but more of an accompany. so i drove him around town to catch a good nest to flock on. we ended up at Hito, listening to good songs by 'Lester n chixs group'. sorry , i don't know the actual name but they are good singers..or, like my friend Sandra always says, they are good SONGERS since they sang other people's songs. watched basketball and baseball matches on ESPN, we talked much how the games were tactically played, which interests me a bit. i like tactical games. it's like playing command and conquer in a real life version excluding the guns and bullets but balls.

we had a couple of beers and the Japanese meat balls with Thai sauce. also a good accompany by the manager, he's quite friendly, having good talks and laughs together with us. my friend and i, were the last 2 customers to walk out Hito, even leaving 2 bottles of Tiger beer for today's football match. the truth is, i'm already tired with all these drinking outings. sigh.

we hit Lido at around 3 last night completing my to-do-list of wanting to eat fried egg. i have 1 weird habit, a bad one if it fits to. even if i don't want to eat, i need to touch the skin of the egg, every night because if i don't, i won't fall asleep. weird. believe it .. or not.

just another weird rambling.

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  1. wah so unheard weird habit ne....egg?full wit protein mah...hehe.wonder wat happen if u dont touch any egg? egg= caffeine.