Wednesday, April 14, 2010


i went to Karamunsing yesterday to get some items for my newly 'revived' cpu. need a new LDC monitor and a 1 Gig RAM. Was just getting second hand items since i already have a new mini laptop which looks like a century old, which i don't know what have happened to it lol. anyway, i've learnt my lesson for not doing surveys before getting the goods. i ended up paying more than the actual price. i bought a 500 mb DDR2 RAM for rm95 and nearly spent rm300+ for a second hand monitor.

i had to buy a 'connector' in order to use a specific 'brand' monitor so i went and search for it in a bargain shop where i stumbled with the same DDR2 RAM which i just bought for only rm70 and a pretty decent monitor, which is BETTER, BIGGER and CHEAPER than the previous one. i was like...WTF???!!!!! the shop even have a 1 gb RAM for only rm125!!! i felt cheated, fuk!!!

...and so i bought the monitor from the shop and felt a bit ease. rushed back home and assembled that old pc but the wireless receiver has already broken. so here i go again, hunting for another item. it's troublesome to do surveys but..ngeh.

there are a lot of good things lying around the corner so do surveys before spending some hard earn money on em' good stuff.

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