Sunday, April 25, 2010


it's 3.18 in the morning and im still awake and alive. im feeling sleepy alright but dreamland wont accept my present, just yet. i've been trying to get access since midnight but the brain wont stop to work out hard, projecting thoughts, thoughts of which we usually dub as happiness. i wish things are just simple and cool but i am no wise man for a trend setter. people already have their own guidelines... and it's pretty hard to follow, indeed.

it's good to experience to good life sometimes. i bought myself a watch today. i've been wanting to buy one recently, i lost the last one by gaining some fats here and there. yup, getting blotted by the days, i say. it feels nice though, well yeah, i cant afford to pamper myself with cool stuff every now and then. i ain't no rich guy from the block but miracles do happen, eh? i guess HE always pick up dates and channeling em miracles during harsh days just to make it in time for a get through, when the soul is weeping the most, eh? well whatever, Thanks.

i get the feeling that im going to complete my wishlist sooner than i thought. of all the things i's more of a need actually, only two remain. i guess i can pen down new ones coz the remaining 2 aren't easy to get. i played online games before, and these remaining 2 are like the super uber rare things to get huhu but it will come from time to time so i know i'll get em somehow, as long as i don't get lost on the way.

im kinda feel disturbed by my surrounding. there was a guy just now, came to steal mangoes. he was caught red handed. i went to check it out coz there was a loud quarrel and found myself in an idiotic scene. this guy, even when caught red handed, he STILL plucking the fruits off the branches and that got my uncle a bit angry. he was threaten for the police and this guy with no shame telling us that his son is a policeman and has no obligation not to steal the mangoes. i was like .. wtf. why did he need to ruin my Sunday like that. why can't people just play smart and stop this act of stupidity.

sleepy now.. if dreamland wont accept me this time, i'ma knock down the door forcefully gahaha.


  1. Hi Del...wa...that jerk really got guts ehh..
    Stealing your fruits and talking craps at the same time. Sick!

  2. i think ur life will be great there...stealing fruit? least there's something silly/funny 4 u to remember when u old...huh...