Tuesday, March 23, 2010

demo songs back in 2003 and all the way to 2006

took the effort to repair my dekstop PC. cost me a few bucks. thanks to a good friend of mine for lending me a hand to actually 're-do' all the hard parts hehe. had to belanja him makan, though. i need to listen back to all my previous songs, written for La Sagos or my bed room project band SilverSoil but i cannot access em due to the CPU malfunction.

thanks to the internet for being a time capsule, allowing me to trace back to some of the sample tracks i used to work on during the sleepless nights.

here's a link to Silversoil random tracks http://www.i-bands.net/audiovault/bands/1659/music.php

check out the bass kicks in natagak lol and also the drumming by adam k. in Percussion Queen.

here's a link to La Sagos 3 first demo http://www.i-bands.net/audiovault/bands/1706/music.php

please don't bother with the singing haha. i wasn't supposed to sing my own songs lol but due to no one was willing to be the voice of the band, so i was forced to take that role huhuhu. it was supposed to be an instrumental band all the way but it somehow changed course.

Away From Me is taken from our 2nd demo record. Deep Voice taken from our 1st demo, recorded in a small recording room back in 2003 and is dedicated to our hometown keningau, thanks for the good memory.

Away From ME (lyrics by sweet p.)

hold my breath as this world starts to take its toll
i hide behind a smile as this perfect plan unfold
but oh GOD i feel like i've been lied to
lost all faiths in the things i've achieved

i've woken now to find myself
in the shadow of all i've created
im longing to be lost in you
wont u take me away from me

crawling through this world
as disease flows to my vains
i looked into myself but my own heart has been changed
i cant go on like this
i loathe of i've become
i cant go on like this
take me away from me

lost in a dying world, i reach for something new
i've grown so weary of this life i've live

check out Bleed Alone, man. still sounding so fresh in my ears hahaha. minus the vocal effort lah LMAO!!! ;D

La Sagos was a 3 piece-band.

was thinking to re-record some of the tracks but i need a lot of helps from a lot of people to actually do it. is there anyone willing to lend a hand?

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