Friday, March 5, 2010


i've been listerning to a bunch of good stuff recently. Had a few quotes stuck in my head. some are really powerful quotes, yes.

"If you get down and you quarrel everyday,
You're saying prayers to the devils, I say."
- Positive Vibration, Bob Marley-

im not 'that' religious nor do i care if anyone even care to understand that quote, but when it comes to the devil, i am sure of one thing, it brings no good vibes, bad deeds all over. it is so beautiful that i can't seem to stop saying it, over and over and over again. seems so magical, it helps me to think consciously and calmly even in bad days, to treat people in a good manner and to see people as human beings who depends entirely on emotion and other people's kindness.

people says when you're too blind to see the dim lights lurked in your darkness, without noticing it, you will lead a campaign to put everyone down and that chain will eventually grow wild, an invitation for other people to take part in it.

when someday you realize the bad deeds done to other people, those fragile lives have already been doomed with scars in which bares your name. it will hurt you until death claims you back, im tellin' ya. the devils play their cards right, crushing 2 hearts in one go.

not that i want to preach of good and evil here, just sharing what i think best for me and maybe, both of you and me, if it ever hit you and your concern. the world might just become less complicated, i guess. maybe, one day we can share and eat warm meal from the same pot together, happily. sharing some love to the world.

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