Monday, March 22, 2010


was having a video conference with a friend in K.L talking about music and own stuff. though i have already packed all my gears away, letting em rot and dusted. sealing them away to oblivion (hahaha) but surprisingly, i found the book i used to write my lyrics on, while searching for something else. not expecting to ever saw it again, though.

i spent some years writing songs and lyrics to my previous bands but am not participating with any nowadays, writing taste bitter when i don't have friends to jam with. well whatever, i just want to share some of my own writings back then. fueled with teenage angst mindset, it was. rebelling with no cause.

come visit me (2004)

come down and visit me
desperation is everywhere, come release me

sitting on the edge where every thing is falling
falls down on me
it's hurting me bad
hurting me bad

cradle broken glasses, vision to my self has disappeared
take me away for eternity

sitting on the edge where every thing is falling
falls down on me
it's hurting me bad
huring me bad

give me love

it's invisible, you can't see
but i need you to feel
and it's all i ever have for you
it's my love

come down and save me
come visit me

surfing the air (2004)

nice, it's nice to stay alive
but nothing really meant anything
the deepest sin is what you'd die for

no, no trust to the world
it's getting sicker than sick now
so fast it becomes a disease
and so we are ill

the world is some kind of paranoia
bringing me back an old memoria

we're surfing the air
love for what you see
we're surfing the air

don't, don't judge me for your GOD
long have i believed
i never did you wrong

stand, stand for what is real
it always becomes your reality
and reality is here in your eyes

langit biru (2004)

kabulkan lah mimpi menjadi satu realiti
kau idamkan semuanya di dalam fantasi ini
dunia ini, bayangan wajah sendiri
kau genggam awan tapi ia terlepas pergi

langit biru, sinarkan ku pelangi, biarkan ia mewarnai
kerana hidup ini hanya lah satu realiti yg pasti

kau anggap semuanya milik mu sendiri
sayang, tiada benda yang dapat kau bawa pergi
sinarkan jalan ku, hitam pahit ku tak mengerti
ku genggam awan tapi ia terlepas pergi

ku sedar, dunia ini hanyalah sementara

beautiful mind (2004)

it was a beautiful day, always be remembered
but how am i supposed to know i'll regret in times like these
it's paranoia, everything's crazy
life assure death, as dead as it can be
life's a broken mirror, always is the same
it reflexes all the stains, now i can't see

i wish i could be there with you

not that i don't believe
but the world turns its back on me
all my thoughts, they're burying me alive
(all my dreams, they ain't my reality)

my life's a tragedy, tale of broken promises
how'd you like to be part of me?
sense of trust is dying lately but i think it's okay
i like feeling things better this way
i'm still here and you went ahead but i don't care it anymore

live your live the way you're hating me

awaited day (2003)

cold nights and empty dreams
stepping hollow and all gone away
you stayed in doubt, i'd wonder why
you ran away, ohh, i say please stay

sorry i wasn't there to face you
so many things unclear, made me to forget myself
now that i have lost you but we live for tomorrow
i'll get you, one of these days

days went behind, but i'm still missing you
thanks for every thing you've done
but things seem so still

today, i'm still here watching you
waiting for the day
i know you can't see me here
but my words won't just fade in time

turn ugly (2002)

... and it comes to be a perfect world and all it's creation
and you're beautiful
i know, i know it's you and everything you do
it makes everybody wants you
yeah, yeah i like you but i don't know whether you'd like me too?

but everything is gonna be alright
it's just me and my low life self pretension
you're the savior, you're the angel
and i'm just another worst part of creation

these are some of the lyrics in my early years that never made it for a proper recording. Come Visit Me made it in the second demo record together with Away From Me and Bleed Alone, and became the fuel starter to our trademark of the previous La Sagos' dark sounding and writing skills. tales which were taken from harsh circumstances which certain people went through everyday, every second and for eternity. and also depression.

yeah, i would love to do a performance again, jamming to these songs or others, many more in my catalog. i have plenty to boast around hahaha. i would love to record all my songs, so give me some fund my friends and i'll give u a nice record to listen to :P

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