Monday, December 20, 2010

some few days before 2011

it's been a long hiatus. life took a new turn, turning and turning and turning, not stopping at any point, the distance keeps going farther and farther, away to oblivion. this journey is far from over. sigh.

2010 is really a year worth to remember. with all the fun and happy moments, it closed with my mom's passing. she's in heaven now and in good hands. imagining her in that white shining robe and a golden halo hovering her head, not forgetting a pair of wings. death, it isn't so bad. beautiful.

yet, the feeling of letting go isn't some easy stuff. although, this emotional sickness is a godly struggle but i don't want to be sad forever. i want to celebrate for her coming to the kingdom of heaven. i bet she's looking down now and smile. i promised her that we'd see each other again in the afterlife. i pledged my promise with a rose in her house box. i ought to be good now.

for those people out there who are suffering from cancer, death is just a path to eternal life. Dying in your Cross of salvation and do have faith in it. it might just be your ticket to the kingdom of God, as promised.

love your mom coz when she's gone.. blood tears won't mean anything.


  1. RIP to your mom. Be strong for 2011 is coming for you...bah bila jumpa pi minum ni? hehehhee

  2. Aya, palan2 kita ni bro...

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