Wednesday, August 25, 2010

discrimination of height

so i woke early this morning full spirited and a strong will to secure an interview slot for a federal job. i have put a lot of effort, time and of course the money, since the beginning of the year just for this one shot. i even put on a diet just to lighten my body for a 2.4km morning run.

what happened was..these dudes from semenanjung were taking charge on the examination. so no sabahan examiner for the physical tests, meaning, no cheating whatsoever..or like always, ada tolong-tolong sikit la.

just imagine, i've been suffering, forcing my brain to read a 600+ pages book reading a lot of bullshits for a whole damn week just to get through the first stage and suddenly this dude was saying things like ok no compromise to anything regarding on the physical figures. no means no and fail u go. i was like holly shit. u know, most of us sabahan are born short, including me. so one by one got knocked out from the hall. i was short of a tiny bit of CMs and i got fucked up.

my question is, what if all the smart people in malaysia are short ones, what'd become to the nation? this is a broad daylight discrimination, of fucked up people who are playing a smart ass.

as if i wish to be born a short. come on. use the brain la, the brain.

sabah punya matter pun mau orang lain yang handle.. come on la. nda juga pandai habis2 tu PTI.

wake up la oii.