Wednesday, June 16, 2010

denying their super egos

it's a good feeling to deny someone else's super ego without saying a word, just by choosing the opposite opponent of a football match lol. it's a very very nice feeling, i must admit. i somehow made good choices during this world cup campaign, to crush everyone's concrete ego to ground flat.

everyone seems to know everything even before the match is on. as if everyone's now, each one of them is given a pair of GOD's eyes to be able to see every wrong and right off the teams i am siding JUST because i choose an opponent side.

I've never been an England die hard fan, not even once. i really hope they won't qualify into the second round. that will surely silent most of the noisy hu ha hu ha posers haha.

i don't mind at first but the more the matches are played, the more dumb superiority they are showing. the thing is, most of the time they were wrong about it but to show them the idea of having my own support means i have to get through a series of egoism-superiority bombardment. though, it's only a friendship rivalry, this is still a self-exile.

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  1. I think we share the same thoughts on England, but I guess I take it up another level as they are my most hated national team. :-)